About EnneaApp

EnneaApp - a complete, mobile Enneagram app for iPhone/iPad/Android.

EnneaApp is perfect for both the beginner who wants to type themselves and learn about the nine personality strategies, and the advanced Enneagram student who wants to deepen their knowledge and access Enneagram material on-the-go.  EnneaApp includes:

  • Comprehensive descriptions of each of the 9 Enneagram personality types
  • A free Enneagram test to help you accurately discover your "ennea-type"
  • Detailed information on the growth path & higher aspects of each type
  • References to famous individuals, fictional characters, & historical figures
  • Thorough information on heart/stress points, wings, subtypes and more
  • Tips for how to get along with other personality types, in life and at work
  • Categorize and keep notes for the contacts in your phone by enneatype
  • NEW! Tweet your test results; View/Share your type's Enneagram image
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