Discovering the Enneagram (2/29/20)

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9:30a – 5:30p

The most powerful system of spiritual psychology available today, the Enneagram describes personality styles we use to survive and cope with life’s stressors. Learn this system experientially through personal interviews with representatives of the nine types and discover how the Enneagram can enhance and enrich your life!

People House (map)
3035 W 25th Ave
Denver CO 80211

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This workshop is perfect for both beginner and advanced students. There is no quicker or more powerful way to understand the nine personality strategies than through the actual stories and experiences shared by our exemplars. The “narrative tradition” approach moves beyond lecture and information based styles by bringing the material to life. Year after year this course continues to be a favorite. Feel free to contact us with any questions.


5 reviews for Discovering the Enneagram (2/29/20)

  1. Nancy Markow

    When learning the Enneagram words and descriptors can be limiting and confusing. Enneagram panels allow the Essence of the wisdom to shine. Lori and Elan are welcoming knowledgeable teachers. They bring the Enneagram energies to life with the panels and their wisdom. I first attended Lori’s intro workshop in 1997. This time I brought my husband and served as an Exemplar. I had so much fun and enjoyed learning and deepening. I highly recommend this workshop!

  2. Scott T.

    Bringing the Enneagram to life is difficult from books and websites. This class (which I have now attended twice) brings all of the 9 types to ***life*** through stories, true dialog and getting to ask questions. Reading Enneagram books is a great start, but attending this workshop offers a shortcut to cross the chasm to real meaning and understanding.

  3. Julia Reeder (verified owner)

    The presenters were easy to learn from and passionate about the content, and compassionate with the interviewers. What a rich session this was! As a therapist I’m hungry for more clinical pointers (the audience was varied – not everyone was there for the same purpose I had) so I will have to keep checking out their institute to learn more how to incorporate the enneagram into my clinical practice.

  4. DEBBIE SAWATZKY (verified owner)

    This workshop was beyond informative, offering the attendees a “next level” of application with the points shared and the exemplars present. I would say that an informal time of connecting at the end of the day would be highly beneficial so that deeper questions might be asked of each exemplar – this might present a challenge for those who can’t remain for the whole day, but just a thought of added benefit. Thank you!

  5. Amanda E.K. (verified owner)

    A great experience to hear from exemplars of each type who are highly self-aware of their experiences being that type and the tools they’ve found for growth and relating better to all other personality types.

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