Enneagram ‘Harmonic Patterns’ (APRIL 2020)

suggested amount: $3.00

100% of proceeds above $178 (our monthly cost to host these events) will be donated to Feeding America.


minimum fee: $1.00



Following registration, you’ll be sent two webinar options to choose from:

Tuesday April 14th @ 12p – 1:30p (MT)
Saturday April 18th @ 11a – 12:30p (MT)

*If you’d like to attend both (each will include different panelists), consider a minimum of $2.

These April webinars will focus on our Harmonic Patterns- essentially how we handle difficult and challenging situations, especially those where what we want to occur feels far off. We’ll explore Enneagram patterns related to being ‘Responsive’ (4-6-8), maintaining a ‘Positive Outlook’ (7-9-2) and displaying ‘Competency’ (1-3-5).

We’ll engage in an authentic conversation with our panelists so as to illuminate how the Enneagram can be a resource in your well-being. The webinar will include live chat with the Enneagram community, and a portion for Q&A.

We started these panelists-style ‘Sharing & Grounding’ series to create an engaging environment of support during the global COVID-19 crisis. In an effort to support those most affected, we will be donating 100% of any proceeds above monthly comm & tech costs ($178).

In the interest of fostering personal connection and sharing, a recording will not be available for this offering.


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