Elan BenAmi


Leadership Development & Executive Coaching

My work as a coach empowers you to take responsibility for creating the life you want to live. I integrate a number of modalities, with the Enneagram being at the core of the work. I bring with me over 10 years of experience studying, working with and teaching the Enneagram.

The process starts with us scheduling a no-cost, no obligation 25 minute initial consultation. This will give you an opportunity to ask any questions you have and get a sense of what working together is like.

To schedule please email me directly- elan@personalitydl.com

If you are seeking Leadership Development for you Leadership Team, I'll follow the consultation with a proposal from Personality Driven Leadership, EnneaApp's Leadership Development branch.

With Executive Coaching, the first few visits together are unstructured. Having plenty of space to get to know you and understand your world allows me to fine tune the coaching to your individualized needs.

Thereafter, we'll create a plan to keeps you focused and on track. I suggest a weekly or every-other-week cadence, though other options are available so long as they serve your growth. Session include optional homework as well as a suggested mindfulness practice to bring balance to your mind, body and heart.


Build Self-Awareness

Be more effective at work

Get "Unstuck"

Create Fulfilling Relationships

Manage Stress

Cultivate your strengths

Hone your Leadership Style

Live with Intention