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Type 2

I try to be loved by loving.

 The Helper (Riso/Hudson)
The Giver (Palmer)
The Supporter

Main theme

  • Survival depends on the love and approval of significant others
  • Being connected in relationship is the main focus/primary concern
  • Emphasis on what others need/helping the important cause/person
  • This may lead to being over-extended, dependent, or manipulative

Heart - Stress

Heart Point: 4, The Individualist

-When 2 goes to 4, they accommodate other's needs less
-Open to their own inner experience and practice self-care
-Accepts a long avoided sense of loneliness/unworthiness
-Learns to say “no” and set appropriate boundaries
-Taps into and expresses creative/artistic energies

2 lines

Stress Point: 8, The Challenger

-When 2 goes to 8, neediness turns into dominance
-Love withdrawn = becomes silent/withdrawn or furious
-Love overgiven = becomes demanding, maybe hysterical
-Attempts to control and bully by taking charge
-Becomes distrustful of others and may isolate the self


How to get along with me...

  • Don't tell me I'm "too much," or overbearing
  • Thank me for all that I do/how attentive I am
  • Say you miss me; don't take me for granted
  • If I help you be successful, notice my efforts
  • Show your approval in a personalized, direct way
  • Take an interest in me, especially when I don't
  • Tell me you really want to know what I need
  • If I'm your partner, show me I'm number one
  • Be attentive to the little things, I drop hints
  • Give feedback gently, I'm sensitive to criticism

At Work:

  • Assets - Sensitive and empathic to others
  • Gives others a sense of personal importance
  • Able to spot/cultivate potential; good at hiring
  • Connects/bonds with a variety of employees
  • Can create an uplifting work environment
  • Challenges - Avoid being overly influenced
  • Accept conflict, be straightforward about it
  • Reduce emphasis on approval (self/others)
  • Extend to/care take others in a balanced way
  • Be careful of knee-jerk emotional reactivity
  • Learn to back off, remember others are not 2s

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