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Type 1

I'm always working toward being good, making things right - isn't everyone?

The Reformer (Riso/Hudson)
The Perfectionist (Palmer)
The Advocate

Main theme

  • Need to be correct in order to avoid criticism and/or punishment
  • Very focused on being a good person and bringing things into order
  • Tendency towards being overly critical, over-worked, and resentful

Heart - Stress

Heart Point: 7, The Enthusiast

-When 1 goes to 7 the internal critic quiets
-Opens to a variety of perspectives and possibilities
-Focus of attention goes from black-or-white to gray
-Beauty of life comes through; has a sense of optimism
-Becomes more comfortable with pleasure and spontaneity

1 lines

Stress Point: 4, The Individualist

-When 1 goes to 4, the internal critic works overtime
-Becomes unusually harsh, self-confidence drops
-Feels misunderstood/envious, "others have it so easy"
-Leans towards fantasy/escape; resents unmet expectations
-Becomes oversensitive, emotionally depressed, and shameful


How to get along with me...

  • Be clean, orderly, considerate, & polite
  • Honor your commitments, follow-through
  • Establishing mutual respect is important
  • No double standards, follow the rules
  • Be gentle with criticism; be objective/clear
  • Thank me for my hard work/what I provide
  • Warm me up to change, ease into new things
  • Punctuality communicates respect to me
  • Ask my advice; remind me I'm OK as I am
  • Validate my frustration, then help me relax
  • Be willing to say you’re sorry; be direct/honest

At Work:

  • Assets - Has high standards for self and others
  • Objective assessment abilities; delivers results
  • Will work hard toward improvement/betterment
  • Is practical/systematic in implementing change
  • Is responsible, handles situations with integrity
  • Challenges - Learn to balance criticism/praise
  • Reframe mistakes and setbacks in positive light
  • Look for what is happening right/going smoothly
  • Adapt to the unique context of each situation
  • Move away from perfectionism/need to be right
  • Be gentle with yourself; let go of past failure

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