Active Listening and the Enneagram

Wednesday, August 28th, 2019

Free Webinar 


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In the conversations that matter most to me, am I...

• Listening from openness to truly understand?

• Giving the speaker my full, undivided attention?

• Interested and engaged in the present moment?

Active listening is a foundational skill in building connections, overcoming obstacles and working with people. This webinar will demonstrate how studying The Enneagram increases our effectiveness in attuning to different perspectives and points of view.  


The last 30 mins of this FREE live webinar will be reserved for experiential practice- please come ready to participate.

*Registration limited to first 100 participants.
*A recording will be available ($5, or free those who attend live), but will not include the experiential component.  

Facilitator: Elan BenAmi, LPC, ACS

Date/Time: Wednesday, August 28th, 2019, 5-6:30p PT (6-7:30 MT, 7-8:30 CT, 8-9:30p ET)

Where: login information provided after registration

Registration/Information: Contact Elan -