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Sleep, Dreams and the Enneagram

9.30.20; 6:00-7:15p MST


Sleep presents us with a unique opportunity to dive into the unknown and examine the nature of consciousness. In the belly of deep, dreamless sleep our sense of self and of the world fades away. Then, as we cycle back up towards awareness, a play of forms reappears. Dreams full of energy and intelligence are populated by dream characters with their own seemingly distinct personalities and agendas. In this webinar, we’ll explore:

  • Ways the different Enneagram types might relate to sleep and dreams
  • How Dreamwork can go hand-in-hand with your waking-life growth edge 
  • Why tending to our dreams cultivates balance, openness and awakening

*This webinar will include both educational and mindfulness components. Basic knowledge of the 9 Types is useful though not required.

Facilitator: Elan BenAmi, LPC, ACS
Date/Time: Wednesday, September 30th, 2020
5-6:15p PT / 6-7:15 MT / 7-8:15 CT / 8-9:15p ET

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