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Type 7

More is better.

The Enthusiast (Riso/Hudson)
The Epicure (Palmer)
The Dreamer

Main theme

  • Avoid pain and fear by escaping in to pleasure, fun, and imagination
  • Reframes everything as positive to eliminate negativity and pain
  • Always thinking ahead towards better possibilities and more enjoyment
  • Future orientation leads to difficulty with commitment/follow-through

Heart - Stress

Heart Point: 5, The Investigator

-When 7 goes to 5, they become more focused/gain depth
-Gain a desire to understand the deeper meaning of life
-Consumption is slowed; can understand "less is more"
-Engages in contemplative practices; accepts stillness
-Becomes introverted/introspective, may even become shy

7 lines

Stress Point: 1, The Reformer

-When 7 goes to 1, they become critical and judgmental
-Agitated with anyone or anything that limits freedom
-Becomes methodical; tendency to become picky/rigid
-Sense of humor diminishes, sarcasm can take its place
-Thinking becomes black-or-white; is more pessimistic


How to get along with me...

  • Dream with me about the possibilities
  • Don't try to control me, I run from traps
  • In the creative phase, leave practicality out
  • Frame feedback as a growth opportunity
  • Know I'm slow to commit, its scares me
  • Laugh with me; give me space to tell stories
  • Plan a fun trip with me; be adventurous
  • Show me physical affection, I soak it up
  • Share lively thought-provoking discussions
  • Show me you are self-reliant and passionate

At Work:

  • Assets - High energy and sense of optimism
  • Intelligent, has a curious and excitable nature
  • Able to plan and see best possible outcomes
  • Good communicator; ability to be persuasive
  • Can motivate others to teamwork and goals
  • Skilled at discovering new, creative options
  • Challenges - Follow through, be practical
  • Don't tease others or tell them to "lighten up"
  • Stay steady when the path gets boring/tedious
  • Don't let planning surpass resources/options
  • Honor importance of deadlines/co-workers

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