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Type 3

Get to the top and look good doing it.

The Achiever (Riso/Hudson)
The Performer (Palmer)
The Motivator

Main theme

  • Focus on outstanding performance/being successful in other’s eyes
  • Believe that love comes from achievement, image, and status
  • Tendency to neglect/ignore the personal needs of self and others

Heart - Stress

Heart Point: 6, The Loyalist

-When 3 goes to 6, competition drops away; is "warmer"
-Becomes more willing to follow and not be in control
-More present and more concerned with other's feelings
-Loyalty becomes more important than deceit/gaining rank
-Teamwork and relationships become much easier

3 lines

Stress Point: 9, The Peacemaker

-When 3 goes to 9, "doing" gets blocked; disengages
-Worn out quality – from failure, exhaustion, or sickness
-Displays a lack of motivation, enters a depressed state
-Finds a way to numb out (food, drink, more work etc.)
-Becomes less productive and efficient; less confident


How to get along with me...

  • Carry your weight, be organized/prepared
  • Don't embarrass me in public, I must save face
  • Praise/compliment me; give me “ego-boosts”
  • Celebrate my accomplishments/successes
  • Take notice of the things I do, I do a lot
  • Know emotion/introspection is hard for me
  • Problem solving mode/goals put me at ease
  • Avoid interrupting me while I'm working
  • Don't middle me in a fight that's not mine
  • Tell me you'd love me even if I did nothing

At Work:

  • Assets - Able to chart a clear direction
  • Communicates agenda with conviction
  • Moves quickly; highly adaptable; decisive
  • Outstanding capacity for harnessing energy
  • Approach is confident, rational, assertive
  • Surpasses goals; strong time management
  • Challenges – Invest energy in relationships
  • Learn cooperation, reduce competitiveness
  • Pay attention to quality as well as quantity
  • Take care of yourself; slow down/be mindful

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