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Type 5

I'll keep a low profile so you can't intrude and control me.

The Investigator (Riso/Hudson)
The Observer (Palmer)
The Scholar

Main theme

  • The world seems unpredictable, chaotic, threatening, and intrusive
  • Chief defense is observation from a distance/obtaining knowledge
  • Withdraws to own private world; takes a detached, unaffected view
  • Often has difficulty engaging with other people and/or the task

Heart - Stress

Heart Point: 8, The Challenger

-When 5 goes to 8, they find strength & become empowered!
-Become aware of physical desires, and body-based instincts
-Act on their wants, and enjoys life more fully; energized
-Is more vocal and assertive; feels worthy of taking up space
-Feels more capable; can step effectively into leadership roles

5 lines

Stress Point: 7, The Enthusiast

-When 5 goes to 7, they retreat to compulsive doing
-Enters a fantasy realm further disconnected from reality
-Escapes with pleasure (comics, games, computers, drugs etc.)
-Hyperactivity; the damn breaks and pent-up energy outpours
-Manic thought process can result in dangerous/risky behavior


How to get along with me...

  • Be independent, not clingy; be succinct
  • Tell me upfront exactly what I'm committing to
  • Plan an exit strategy with me for social events
  • Be straightforward, frame requests rationally
  • Ideally, I want a home base that is drama-free
  • When I open up a little, know it's big for me
  • Don't put me on the spot, give me warning
  • Keep clear boundaries, be aware of mine
  • Don't intrude on the area I've deemed mine
  • If you want me to share, lead by example
  • I'm private, emotions are a foreign language

At Work:

  • Assets - Objectivity, precision, thoroughness
  • Develops in-depth mastery; true expertise
  • Love of learning; can break barriers of possible
  • As a leader, able to assess problems/resources
  • Challenges - Be more engaging and supportive
  • Network; open-up & share; express warmth
  • Develop skills at relating and communicating
  • Dare to be bold/assertive, don't play it so safe
  • Practice making contact beyond comfort zone
  • Cultivate abundant attitude & generous spirit

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